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'ONE' Welder

One Rail Group is pleased to introduce the ONE Welder to the North American flash-butt welding market. ONE Welders, tested to meet or exceed AREMA standards, are self-contained, mobile units, capable of handling all of your flash-butt welding needs.


Features include:

  • A/C welding technology

  • 120-Ton welding head, capable of low-tonnage closure welds in tight-clearance situations, without the need of an external rail puller when using optional independent shearing

  • 160-Ton external rail puller for in-track closure and destressing welds

  • Onboard rail puller storage nest for quick jobsite travel

  • Traversing scissor-crane for welding head and rail puller deployment

  • Heavy duty hi-rail cab & chassis, with tag and pusher axles, custom designed for welding container

  • Integrated auto-crowning system for quick rail end alignment in production situation

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